At Certified Power Train, we make continuous quality improvement a priority.  Our comprehensive quality system uses our ISO 9001 certification as the foundation for all quality and operational activities.  Regimented process controls and organizational discipline drive continuous improvement throughout our organization.

Every CPT team member has components of quality as part of his/her personal performance review process.  This assures our customers that quality is a fundamental goal underlying everything we do for you.

We believe that excellent quality is no longer a competitive advantage in and of itself, but rather the key building block to managing your expectations around delivery, cost and overall service.  Our quality program starts with engineering design including such activities as APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning). As a component moves throughout the manufacturing process, quality is validated against a comprehensive control plan by the machinist and the inspector.  After completion, we compile a PPAP (Product Part Approval Process) package and ship the product with any customer specific packaging.  The end result is a product of the highest quality, produced on-time and at a competitive price.


For our team, quality relates to more than a PPM figure. It cascades through our 100% on-time shipping goal.


Quality Equipment and Capabilities

  • – 2 DCC & 1 Manual CMM
  • – 100% Automated Inspection of KCC’s
  • – Full Array of Mechanical Gages
  • – Skidless Profilometers
  • – Hard Gaging
  • – Optical Comparator
  • – Full Metallurgical Capabilities
  • – Extensive Gage Calibration Program
  • – Statistical Process Capability
  • – Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspection

Caterpillar Bronze Certification

Certified Power Train is the proud recipient of Caterpillar’s Bronze Certification Award.  This prestigious award recognizes CPT’s commitment to providing exceptional quality, service and delivery performance.  Caterpillar’s SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Process) certification is only awarded to those suppliers that constantly provide world class performance as it relates to excellence in quality and service.  This was only accomplished through our strong commitment to driving towards zero defects and the highest level of customer service.